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Alabama rehab centers supportAlabama has the unfortunate luck of being located next to the Gulf of Mexico. This makes it very easy for drugs to travel from south of the border into the state at an alarming rate. The drug that crosses Alabama’s borders in the greatest numbers is marijuana, and it is no surprise that this is the drug that people are having the most difficulties combating.

Around 221,939 people are marijuana users, but heroin is also a major problem. Because Alabama is located next to the Gulf of Mexico, this also contributes to the increase in heroin use. Although most of this substance is coming from Jamaica, some people obtain their heroin from New York. As a result, 2,016 people are now addicted to heroin.

Alabama is also a state that contains a great deal of people addicted to prescription drugs. The most widely abused prescription drug is Oxycontin, and it ranks second to marijuana for the most abused drug in the state. The number of people using this drug is far behind that of marijuana at 97,191 people, but this is a very high number. Cocaine also appears to be a popular drug with 36,369 people addicted to it and 16,505 people addicted to other hallucinogens.

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Entering Alabama Rehab Centers

With so many people addicted to various substances, it has become clear that Alabama rehab centers are a necessity, and their numbers have been increasing in recent years. The cities within this state have found ways to address this issue by building new Alabama rehab centers in major cities such as Mobile, Montgomery and Birmingham. When the addicted enter into these Alabama rehab centers, they will be entering into a program that will give them a better chance to live without taking drugs than if they tried to stop on their own.

Alabama rehab centers that give patients the best chances of recovery offer them several different options for removing drugs from their lives. Some treatments are short-term, but if patients are in need of a long-term, residential treatment option, they can obtain this as well. The Alabama rehab centers may be outpatient or inpatient, they may be conducted in a halfway house setting or a sober living facility, and they can also offer counseling in many different forms. The first thing that those addicted to drugs must do is call a facility and discuss their options.

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